Hey Garth, by the time I came out of the shower meat was cut and ready to serve. I do have to say it was GREAT!!! All that was here could not believeimad  e it. I had to show them the barrel as proof that I did. Thank you very much, you really made me look like a master BBQ. I must say this was totally effortless, great food without the hard labor. You the man!!! Thanks again!,


Garth, OMG, I nailed it!!! Unbelievable...

-Rick Porter

"El Cap School Christmas lunch was a success with 8 Tri-Tips smoked and enjoyed!!!!. Thanks again Garth" -Scott Green

"Garth, wanted to take the time to say thank you, the barrel you build for me is perfect. I truly appreciate the time you put into the build and your customer service. The follow up call a week after I picked up the barrel showed that you really care about your customers and your product. Thanks again and happy smoking my friend.Type your paragraph here."

-John Wall

"Thank you for the amazing looking barrel smoker. It cooks even way better than it looks. Which as awesome as it looks is saying something. For Memorial weekend. We smoked 9 tri-tips at once on Saturday. That came out so tender and delicious. Sunday we smoked two briskets. I had never smoked a brisket so I was a little nervous. They came out great. There was nothing left of them by time dinner was half over.Thank you Garth's Custom Barrels"  -James Lee