$140 Basic Hook & Cook Barrel:

• 1  charcoal basket w/ lifting rod
• 3 Hanging Rods
• 4 Food grade Stainless Steel Meat Hooks
• Hook for hanging lid on barrel
• lid Handle
• Side Handle

$220 Deluxe Hook & Cook Barrel Smoker:

• 1  charcoal basket w/ lifting rod
• 1  Grilling Grate
• 3 Hanging rods

• 4 food grade stainless steel Meat hooks
• Lid chimney/Handle
• Side Handle
• Built in Temp Gauge
• Mounted Bottle Opener
• bbq gloves
• Starter Bag of Wood chunks
Painted in High Heat Black bbq Paint

•one logo Plate of Choice and accent color Included!

* $280 Super Deluxe Diamond Plate  barrel smoker:

(includes everything in deluxe hook & cook package as well as one piece of diamond plate Sheet Metal behind logo plate in middle front of barrel.


*$2 ea. for additional meat hooks

* $10 to add wheels

*  $10 to add additional  logo plates

* $10 to add jumbo exhaust chimney  

All of my packages include at least four meat hooks with your barrel. If your visiting my site and you'd just like to purchase meat hooks or you've purchased a barrel in the past and need more here is my Ebay Link for my stainless steel, meat hooks!